Latest Importance Tips Before Making An Android Ap

Android application is now booming and with good reason. It remains one of the most widely used and accepted platforms in the world. Android app developers need to bear in mind certain trends before developing apps. Some are as follows.

Location based services

GPS now forms a big part of mobile application development. The feature allows apps to locate a particular consumer with accuracy and make many different suggestions such as restaurants that are close by, events that are happening around them, find a cab etc. Apart from these, there are several other suggestions that can be made based on the person’s location thereby making it a great feature to incorporate into an app. These services mainly target youngsters who wish to remain updated with all the happenings taking place around them. This feature also allows companies to track their customer’s movement and be in a better position to suggest updates.

Big data

Big data tools will make for an indispensable part of application building in 2017. Data analytics refers to making use of tools to establish vital data. This data will be responsible for helping companies analyze and understand what their customers want and how they will react to a certain app. There are many tools available such as Google analytics, which helps developers to better understand customer psyche. Big data now plays a very big part in mobile app development making it one of the most important tools for budding designers to use.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to using technology that seamlessly syncs various platforms and devices. It is one of the most important technologies to incorporate into more and more small and medium scale businesses making it a priority. Syncing multiple devices help people use the apps in a better manner. The app development cycle is greatly reduced thus making it ideal for developers to design apps faster.


Location-based services are now extremely popular. Tapping into a person’s GPS to know their location and suggesting appropriate events is now a big part of app development. It is crucial to consider this factor while designing apps in order to provide the best service.


The latest android update has made quite a splash and is being dubbed as one of the best software in the market. It is much faster, comes with efficient features and is easier to adopt. This makes it extremely easy for app builders to come up with effective apps that are not just easy to build but also provide great service to end customers. With more and more people switching to devices running Nougat, it will be best to build apps for this platform.

These form the different trends that will be a big part of android application development in 2017.