5 Website Development Trends That Rocked 2018

5 Website Development Trends That Rocked 2018

To ensure that you get the best when developing your site, it is important to know what is trending in the world of web development, so you don’t fall back.

Here are the top 5 web development trends that rocked 2018:

Angular JS

It is an open source tool that works with a JavaScript framework that is suitable for single page web apps that use MVC architectural framework. It helps to design web pages. It provides web capabilities that are quite modern, and the experience is available offline as well. It offers high performance and quick installation. It helps in the speedier creation of user interface views. It also gives a nice boost to the Command line tools of the web. Apart from this, it helps is faster loading of applications.

Artificial Intelligence

A significant advancement in the IT sector is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tech giants like Google and Facebook are responsible for its conceptualization. However, at present several app developers use it to give their inventions a human feel. For instance, the photo-tagging feature of FB uses facial recognition. AI helps web-platforms to function automatically with as little human intervention as needed. Hence, it helps to improve accuracy and efficiency. Not just that, it provides for better user experience. According to an estimate given by Merrill Lynch the AI market by the end of 2018 will be valued at over $153 billion.

Virtual Reality

When you think of virtual reality, the first thing that pops into your mind will be video games. This technology has been around for a while. However big corporates and industrial players have just started to make the most of virtual reality. It helps to generate better customer experience. Also, it has reportedly helped to increase the sales of several major brands. It is an important marketing and web-based tool that has enormous growth potential.

Ruby on Rails

It is also known as “Rails,” and it is server-based web app system. It’s been around since 2005, but in 2016 it was re-engineered. The re-engineered features include Action Cable and Turbolinks 5. A developer can use Turbolinks 5 to create a single-page application directly from the Rails stack. It eliminates the need for a client-side JavaScript framework. The Action Cable feature enhances the integration of WebSockets with other Rails applications.

Static Website Generators

Also known as StaticGen successfully combines markup languages like restructured Text or Markdown with engines to create templates like Jinja. They allow users to generate files in HTML through the coding templates that are written in a markup language. Using StaticGen, a developer can create a website in plaintext and not just code.