Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools Compared – 2017

Free Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools Compared – 2017

There are many cross-platform mobile app development tools that are free, here is a list of some of the best-rated ones from 2018.

PS: some of the free apps also have paid plans, although, all of these have an unlimited production plan that is free.

Apache Cordova

It is an open-source project released by Adobe and has obtained contributions from Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and BlackBerry as well. It uses hybrid application technique that bundles codes in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a package that the software executes and renders the custom code into native WebView.

Adobe PhoneGap

It is open-source code and is the basis of Cordova. The platforms it supports are Windows, iOS, and Android. It offers a GUI build system and various templates to start hybrid development of appsusing JavaScript.

Ionic Framework

It combines Angular and its UI to develop a cross-platform mobile app. It relies on PhoneGap and therefore has all of Cordova’s plugins. It helps to ease the transition of a developer from the web to mobile app development service.

Framework 7

It is a free tool and Cordova powers it. It provides an app framework and a variety of ready-made interfaces that copy native interfaces. It helps to recreate the native look that most users expect by recreating conventional iOS designs and Google’s Material Design patterns. Developers can customize the interface with the help of inbuilt themes.

Apache Weex

It is a free tool, and it clubs together the idea of Cordova with a JavaScript interpreter. It uses single source code to generate a native experience. The UI it provides is entirely advance and gives the tool’s performance a nice boost. It can execute a JavaScript app at native speeds.

React Native

Like all the previous tools, even this one is an open source. If you know how to use React, then it is quite easy to use React Native. It interprets the source code and then converts it into the native elements on the go.

Native Script

It is the direct competitor of React Native. Several large organizations as well as industry veterans back this tool. It offers similar features as React Native, but it resembles approach of Ionic Framework towards native app development. It compiles the JavaScript to create a native mobile experience. However, at its core, it uses Angular 2 for its framework. A professional app developer can use either of these languages to code an app.


Are you familiar with the term server-side rendering? It helps to generate markup on the server, and then the browser directly downloads the complete page from the cloud. Well, Jasonette functions similarly. The server you use will provide a JSON file for every mobile screen the user uses.