Apple Just Added Ripple (XRP) to iOS Stocks Applic

For a while, there have been certain indications that Ripple was soon to team up with Apple Inc, a tech titan. Now, all the XRP holders, as well as supporters of cryptos, will be more than happy to be aware of the fact that this deal has finally come through. In fact, Apple has managed to integrate the Interledger technology used by Ripple into its own database. Apple’s decision to include XRP to an app for iOS is primarily designed in such a way that it is easier to track stocks as well as stock exchanges. Before this wonderful news had come through, it was previously announced that Propy Inc, decided to add XRP as a new payment option for all their customers.

Even though Ripple isn’t added as a method of payment for the products available in the app store, Ripple managed to get included by Apple and is part of one of their apps now. Apple has added XRP as a mode of payment for the app- iOS Stocks on its app store. iOS Stock is a popular app that enables the users to track their stocks along with the concerned stock exchanges and now Ripple has been accepted as the latest mode of payment.
The first collaboration between Apple and XRP was when the former added the XRP ledger to Apple Pay (among the first apps by Apple that support mobile payments) and the second collaboration is when Apple decided to incorporate the XRP ledger with another app. If this development is anything to go by, then it certainly seems like Apple will soon come up with some other use for this technology.

Propy Inc, is a popular service that enables their users to search for great properties within the Silicon Valley. In fact, it is the popular notion that this platform offers all the great properties that are available within this area. The two cryptocurrencies that were already added to Propy Inc’s payment gateway were Bitcoins and Ethereum. Now, it has gone a step further and added XRP to it as well.

Now, the users at both Apple and Propy Inc, can start using XRP for real-time settlement of transactions anywhere across the globe. All these new collaborations for XRP have helped increase its value against the dollar and are increasing its visibility as well. Not just that, seeing two popular companies using this crypto is certainly an encouragement for other companies to start using XRP as well.

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What are the Benefits of Custom iPhone App Develop

iOS is known for their ability in providing custom services to users that makes them one of the most sought after platforms in the world.  Developers find it extremely convenient to develop new apps and provide customized services to users. This helps in many different ways, some of which are listed as under.

User Experience   

Customizing apps helps in enhancing user experience. Users will have the chance to avail information that serves their specific requirements. Say for example, a person located in California can look up local events and happenings around their place based on their location. This helps in saving their time and energy and makes for a comfortable app experience.

Cost Effective  

Customizing apps helps companies save on costs and efforts. A developer will find it easier to custom make apps for people by looking into their interests and provide relevant information. The company will be able to cut down on both effort and energy by seeking out personal information of the users and providing them with tailored services.


One big advantage of customizing apps is that it provides the users flexibility to avail it on their different platforms. They can access the apps from their portable devices and also access them from all the different devices that are connected through the cloud. The developer will not have to worry about customizing apps for the different devices and can work on just one that can serve for all the different devices.

These form just some of the advantages of customizing apps for customers and it is not limited to these. There are several other advantages that accompany customizing apps for customers that will help developers come up with both cost effective and easy to use apps.


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IOS Development Trends 2016 – 2017

iOS continues to be one of the most used mobile platforms in the world and for good reason. Not only does it provide a plethora of options for the users but also offers developers the perfect base to develop new apps.


Here is looking at 3 of the biggest iOS development trends for 2015-16.

App Security

One of the biggest developments in the world of iOS is app security. It is believed that a majority of the existing apps will not hold good owing to security issues and will require an overhaul. The latest trend involves developing apps that not just pass the basic security tests but also safeguard users against hackers. Sensitive information will be kept safe from and stave off identity thefts.

Location based Services

It is extremely important for people to avail relevant content based on their location. The latest trend involves making use of beacon technology to find out what someone is looking for based on their location. The provider can tap into the customer’s interests and make suggestions based on the same. The technology also helps app builders save on costs and provide better services to their customers.

TV/ Wearables

The next generation of developers is focusing on building apps that cater to the TV and wearables. Wearable devices are now extremely popular owing to their ease of use and the capacity to sync with your phone. The new apple TV is set to have a dedicated app store that will provide users with apps that will make for convenient and exciting television viewing.
As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to on the iOS platform in terms of both app building and providing tailor made services to customers.


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Top 6 IOS App Trends Shaping Application Industry

There is a sharp rise in iPhone development companies in India with a growing demand for iPhone app developers. Here are top trends in the iOS applications shaping in the technology world industry in 2017.

IoT apps

iot IOS apps services

IoT technologies are now regarded as the next big thing in the world of app development. They have now turned sophisticated and quite reliable. Apple’s iBeacon technology is widely used in the commercial as well as retail space. The apple watch uses this technology and has created quite the buzz among enthusiasts.


iPAD to iPhone IOS GPS tracking

Although this technology is a couple of years old, it is slowly gaining popularity all over the world. The technology can be incorporated in a variety of places including automobiles, kitchen appliances, lighting etc. The technology allows users to connect their various appliances and control them from within their houses as also remotely. They can be connected to the washing machine, microwave, television etc.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality with IOSAugmented reality is now becoming more and more popular owing to its diverse applicability. It enables integration of games into every individual activity. In the year 2017, augmented reality is bound to become an indispensable part of iOS technology. It will pave the path for 3D games and make it easier for developers to develop these games.

Security features

new mobile security features with IOSSecurity is now of vital importance especially in the world of apps. With more and more apps accessing personal information, it becomes important to safeguard such information. People tend to save their personal information pertaining to finances, pictures etc. on mobile apps thus making it all the more important for companies to provide them with extra security. iOS is now working on providing universal safety to all the apps that are available on the app store.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology in IOSCloud technology remains extremely popular and is treated as one of the most useful technologies for businesses and individuals to use during app building. Cloud technology allows the app to share data and information across many different devices that are all connected with each other. iOS app developers will find it easier to develop apps by using this technology.


Swift for iOS and MacSwift gained popularity within months after its release and remains one of the most popular iOS languages to develop apps. The language is easy to understand and can be used to develop advanced apps.


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Factors Playing Important Role For iPhone App Deve

Smartphones have now become an indispensable part of everyday life. Everybody now uses one thereby pushing the need for advanced apps. Let us look at some factors that will play a key role in iPhone app development in 2017.


Originality of iOS iPhone appOne of the first and foremost factors to play a big role will be originality. Most people tend to create apps that are copied from other popular apps. Such mimicking will not go far as people will be on the lookout for original ideas. Once the app has been submitted to the store, it will be categorized and pitted against other apps that are of similar nature. If there is already an established app in the market, then yours might find it difficult to survive. Originality and uniqueness are, therefore, key to establish your app in the market.

User interface

UI User interface of IOS appThe user interface of your app should be friendly and great to look at. It is believed that 80% of your app’s popularity will depend on its looks. You must make the effort of making your app look as good as it can get. At the same time, functionality plays an important part. Your customers should find it easy to navigate through the app and access various different features. You must go through other similar apps and pick up on the likes and dislikes in order to better your own app.

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing of applicationsCloud computing remains popular to this very day. Cloud computing involves creating apps that cannot only be accessed through different devices but also share content through connected devices.


Security of applicationIt will be extremely important to consider security while building apps. With more and more people using digital media to store important information, it becomes all the more necessary for apps to provide advanced security features.


IOS iPhone App TestingTesting is of vital importance. Not only will it help you find bugs in the software but also make it effective for future use. That is the exact reason why so many engineers are recruited to test out a particular software or app. Before its release, the app should be fixed for bugs and other issues that can compromise on its quality. There should be no room for error and the app should be updated, as soon as possible, with the requisite changes.

Future relevance

You have to think of the future before designing an app. One of the most important factors to govern a particular app’s popularity is its current use, as well as future relevance. Many apps get put down in the future owing to their poor performance or a change in technology. You have to build one that can be updated from time to time and incorporate the latest technology.


Simplicity is also a factor to consider while building an app. You must keep it simple to ensure your app is user friendly and easy to access. If you over complicate it then people will lose interest and uninstall the app in no time. You must test it out to check how easy it is to use the app and whether people will take a liking to it.

These form the various factors that will govern iPhone app development in 2017.


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