Apple Just Added Ripple (XRP) to iOS Stocks Application, Propy to Accept XRP as well

For a while, there have been certain indications that Ripple was soon to team up with Apple Inc, a tech titan. Now, all the XRP holders, as well as supporters of cryptos, will be more than happy to be aware of the fact that this deal has finally come through. In fact, Apple has managed to integrate the Interledger technology used by Ripple into its own database. Apple’s decision to include XRP to an app for iOS is primarily designed in such a way that it is easier to track stocks as well as stock exchanges. Before this wonderful news had come through, it was previously announced that Propy Inc, decided to add XRP as a new payment option for all their customers.

Even though Ripple isn’t added as a method of payment for the products available in the app store, Ripple managed to get included by Apple and is part of one of their apps now. Apple has added XRP as a mode of payment for the app- iOS Stocks on its app store. iOS Stock is a popular app that enables the users to track their stocks along with the concerned stock exchanges and now Ripple has been accepted as the latest mode of payment.
The first collaboration between Apple and XRP was when the former added the XRP ledger to Apple Pay (among the first apps by Apple that support mobile payments) and the second collaboration is when Apple decided to incorporate the XRP ledger with another app. If this development is anything to go by, then it certainly seems like Apple will soon come up with some other use for this technology.

Propy Inc, is a popular service that enables their users to search for great properties within the Silicon Valley. In fact, it is the popular notion that this platform offers all the great properties that are available within this area. The two cryptocurrencies that were already added to Propy Inc’s payment gateway were Bitcoins and Ethereum. Now, it has gone a step further and added XRP to it as well.

Now, the users at both Apple and Propy Inc, can start using XRP for real-time settlement of transactions anywhere across the globe. All these new collaborations for XRP have helped increase its value against the dollar and are increasing its visibility as well. Not just that, seeing two popular companies using this crypto is certainly an encouragement for other companies to start using XRP as well.